Our Partners

We’re proud to call Toronto home 

There’s so much to love about our city and we want to share what makes Toronto special. Our partners are incredible local business owners who help define the communities they operate in. You can learn more about them below, and subscribe to Box of 6ix to make sure you don’t miss out on any of their amazing products. 

Pretty Clean Shop

Located in the Junction, the Pretty Clean Shop has everything you need to live a plastic-free life. They offer eco-conscious alternatives for a variety of household items, and personal care products for every member of the family. All of their products are toxin free and made with cruelty-free ingredients. Perfect for gifting an eco-conscious friend, Pretty Clean Shop offers a variety of unique, one-of-a-kind hand-made items. Visit them for hand-woven baskets perfect for chic storage, or hand-painted table runners that will be sure to impress. They also offer themed care packages inviting you to “Just Chill” or enjoy some “Floral Romance” filled with things like candles, towels, soaps and teas. Pretty Clean Shop is proudly female-owned with a mandate to support sustainable living.  


The Good Neighbour

Like a good neighbour, we can always trust this café to satisfy our espresso cravings. With multiple locations, each with their own personality, The Good Neighbour café always has our back. Their signature espresso roast, with its dark chocolate aroma, is a joy to brew at home, but nothing beats making it out to the shop to sample some seasonal goodies. Iced mochas in the summer, and hot apple chai in the winter, paired with a sweet treat like gluten-free chocolate walnut cookies keeps us coming back for more. Not to mention their cute mugs, and custom-roasted beans that tempt us to stock our pantries. With charm, character and great taste, The Good Neighbour is always happy that you stopped by. 


Delight Chocolates

Delight Chocolates takes special pride in their creations. They carefully handcraft their beautiful sweets using the best organic, fair-trade ingredients. With enticing flavour combinations like blackberry lavender and pink grapefruit chilli, their bon bons offer something for even the most discerning palate. But Delight goes beyond chocolate, offering traditional pastries, seasonal homemade icecream and customizable cakes to help make any occasion extra special. They source their chocolate exclusively from certified organic, fair-trade farms in the Dominican Republic, so customers can be sure that anything they try will not only be delicious, but ethical. Paired with the best organic Ontario cream, other high-quality ingredients, and meticulously prepared, Delight Chocolates more than live up to their name.  


Summer Kitchen

Mary Fabiano is Summer Kitchen’s alchemist. She weaves her magic using simple, pure and natural ingredients into bold, addictive flavours. Beyond being the sole product developer for Summer Kitchen, Fabiano is also an award-winning chef and has developed a second brand, Queen Mary. Working in her Toronto boutique manufactory, Mary enchants her proprietary recipes using the best ingredients and creating pantry staples that will elevate any dish. Quality is paramount, and Fabiano wants her products to be enjoyed with pride, so it’s with pride that she blends a selection of spice-rubs, seasonings and condiments to suit every table. You can find Summer Kitchen and Queen Mary products online and at local businesses across Ontario. 


Yummi Candles

Family owned and operated since 1976, Yummi Candles specializes in crafting beautiful, affordable high-grade products. With a massive selection of colours, shapes, sizes and scents, Yummi Candles has the perfect candle for every occasion and decor. Their retail locations are a treasure trove of design inspiration, filled with accessories and candles for every mood. Whether you need something for your dining table, or something scented to refresh your living room, Yummi Candles’ 44 years of experience shines through. They also offer a selection of elegant wedding centerpieces to help you plan your special day. With a legacy of dependability, and manufacturing expertise, Yummi Candles is the trusted source for every candle need. 


Wildly Delicious

Wildly Delicious reminds us that food connects us all. Their mission to contribute to memories shared over good meals is realized in bold, innovative flavours. By creating a range of sauces, jams, marinades, compotes, and spices, Wildly Delicious brings joy back to cooking. Every meal becomes a memorable indulgence. They capture the magical mixture of good ingredients, delicious flavours, and warm memories in preparations we’re proud to store in our pantries. Enjoy some compote on a cheese tray or brush smokey barbeque sauce over some ribs and relax knowing that you’re presenting an elevated flavourful treat to be remembered.