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How It Works

When you sign up for Box of 6ix, you’re supporting local businesses across Toronto through a monthly subscription service. Each month, we explore a different neighbourhood and meet small business owners and see what they have to offer, then we curate a collection of incredible items to deliver to you. Every month is a surprise, you could get food, coffee, craft brews, or lifestyle items, but no matter what’s in the box, you’ll know you’ve supported small businesses in your community. All you have to do to register is answer a couple of questions and choose your plan, then relax. Your first box will be delivered next month.

Step 1



A couple questions to help us get to know you. We are not a customizable subscription, but we still need some info to start.

Step 2



Pick a subscription and use your email to register. Quick, easy and you can feel good about supporting local businesses.

Step 3


Your first box arrives the following month, but the fun isn’t over. Join our socials for more as we explore our neighbourhoods.

Our Partners

We’re proud to work with Toronto’s incredible local businesses

Learn more about our partners, some of the most industrious entrepreneurs in the 6ix!